15/Nov/07~A Selfish Spell at Dawn…

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Around 1982, I had a young friend called Heather. Heather was a dancer in a show I choreographed, which was billed as the premier summer spectacular of Margate’s finest moments, but for some reason (maybe the reason is obvious) failed to attract more than a handful of people each day, despite having Norman Vaughan (remember ‘roses grow on you’?) and “The Great Soprendo” a magician, who was in fact Chris Durham, the husband of Victoria Wood and also Renee and Renato of the one hit “Save Your Love”.


Heather was in love with a young singer called Ralph, who after first becoming very close and attentive to Heather, had recently drawn more distant and unloving. My young friend was determined to regain the full focus of his attentions and confided her love-plight to me.

As it happened, I was also in the midst of my own love-plight drama; I was it love with a dark eyed nymph who resembled (almost exactly) Jennifer Beals on the poster of Flashdance; the nymph however, seemed to be dancing ever further from the heat of my own passion. Heather and I discussed the similarities of our love problems and decided to combine forces and invoke a love spell to end all invocations of the heart.

I have always had a fascination with the occult and with ‘otherworlds’. I can remember when I was quite small – around three years old – having a recurring nightmare fantasy of what was named by CS Lewis, as That Hideous Strength. I can recall the drum-beats of Hell rumbling toward me in my half-sleep and of a fear of Evil that was a confrontation too far for the small mite I then was. I had a florid imagination, fired by the beginning of an ability that I didn’t really understand and consequently treated like a game. I was indeed “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”; unaware of just how potent a spell could be and of it’s affect on people’s lives.

In full “apprentice” mode, I looked up love spells in a variety of esoteric books I had collected and in a Grimoire I had bought by mail order, and found a spell to be performed at the first light of dawn, whilst facing the East and the rising sun.

Heather knocked on my door at around 4.15 am and we set off toward a park I had spotted, complete with four golden candles which I had purified with salt for the previous twenty-four hours and the Grimoire which contained the ritual invocation we were to chant as the first rays of the sun broke the dark horizon.

I can remember trying to light the candles – after half a box of matches and a sudden lull in the busy little breeze, I managed to get all four lit. Together Heather and I acknowledged the four directional powers and turned our full attention to the east and to its element of Air and the yellow-gold aura symbolized by the now spluttering candles.
I must admit to feeling a little foolish as Heather and I stood, chanting our invocation to draw our respective lovers back to us, but the expression on Heather’s face showed that was fully intent on the task in hand and so together we chanted the invocation a full seven times, until the breeze grew and extinguished the candles one by one.

The results were almost immediate; by the evening, Ralph had phoned Heather and arranged a night out and I had also been contacted by the Nymph, who was intent on coming down from Scotland to see me that weekend.

It would be nice to say that all ended in happy togetherness, but it didn’t. Both our partners seemed almost zombie-like in their attachments to us and not entirely happy. It was as if they were compelled to be with us, against their own will. As the following days passed, the happy reunions Heather and I had desired had turned to a numb listlessness.

And then it ended. The sad thing was that I no longer felt the same about my Jennifer Beals look-alike and Heather was glad to wave goodbye to Ralph.

In the final analysis, there seems little difference between a Spell and a Prayer – both work – but a Spell is often (due to the motivation of the practitioner) more selfish.

Then again – how many selfish Prayers have you made?

Perhaps they were Spells and you didn’t realise it.

Both Spells and Prayers have immense power

copyright-free photograph “Red Dawn” from Wikimedia http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Image:Red_sunrise_-_swifts_creek.jpg

~ by soulmerlin on November 16, 2007.

One Response to “15/Nov/07~A Selfish Spell at Dawn…”

  1. I’m trying to remember the prayers I’ve made. I can’t seem to recall ‘making’ spells, but then I am not also sure I didn’t.

    So I just look forward to the future then. And make sure not to make spells in my prayers.

    Great post. At the middle, I was wondering how it would end. I did not quite expect you’d connect it to prayers, but I think you did so well. Amazing…

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