A Lost-Love Spell at Bedtime


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Night-time is when the pain of a lost-love is often at it’s greatest. Instead of pacing around in a cloud of self-indulgent grief, perhaps it’s better to do something constructive and Weave a Spell.

When you go to bed – no matter how much you’re grieving, go through this simple process if you want another chance…..

The One Last Chance Spell

Lie in bed and relax totally.

Check your hands and arms – Feet and legs and gradually relax until your body seems to melt into the bed.

After a while (5 to 15mins or even more if your really tense and upset)

Become aware of your breathing; In through the mouth and out through the nose; regular and steady.

Don’t over-ventilate – Just steady breathing.

With each exhalation, visualize your breath as creating a red ball-shaped mist in the air above you

Each exhalation increases the density of the “ball”

Your breath is red – full of Love and Passion.

See your lovers face in the middle of the red-mist ball

Don’t use words (this is my own method, as I do not personally respond to quasi-medieval incantations) just see your lover and send out feelings of love to him or her.

Wordlessly create within yourself the desire that your lost-love will think of you and miss you

Near the end of the spell, repeat in your mind “another chance please”

(but try to do it wordlessly – just the emotion – make sure you are not being intrusive and manipulative – it’s only a chance not a contract)


realise that a return may not be the best for your lover and honour that realisation

“but only if you wish”

(see your Lover clearly – even if it hurts to visualise them)

Now inhale and swallow the red ball

Finish with

“I Love you”

Have Faith and Go to Sleep.


The next day, spend some time analysing why your lover left you. If it is your fault (any fault) resolve to change your ways – Do that and wait in full optimism for their return.

If they return (and they almost always will) resolve not to make the same mistakes again – there is no second chance.

illustration: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Image:AntonioCanova_PsycheRevivedByCupidsKiss.JPG


~ by soulmerlin on December 18, 2007.

3 Responses to “A Lost-Love Spell at Bedtime”

  1. Wow, Soulmerlin. I am struck by this passage—I never would have thought of addressing this and yet it is common to all of us. It is really touching 🙂

  2. I am blown away by these postings of yours. Not just this one but all so far. I had to stop at this to respond before I keep reading. My eyes were tearing up and I felt that you are someone filled with peace and awareness of the small things, especially in nature. I can so deeply relate. Thank you. I also loved your Oak Tree. All the things you portray or talk about here are what life is REALLY about…they ARE life. And you share them in such simplicity that it goes straight into the heart of anyone open. Thank you…now, to keep reading.

  3. soul merlin, at the heart, you are a true conjurer. HUman beings have infinite opportunities to learn and grow. How they view each stage of the process determines what happens next. Love is static. Only perception and self awareness changes.

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