Remembering Christina

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALast Sunday was the fourth anniversary of Christina’s passing.  I wrote the following lines a year ago:

“I remember the first anniversary of her death as a bittersweet celebration of her life, in which I sheltered like a hermit crab. The second year passed on a swell of faith and joy.  But now the third year had ushered in a cold loneliness and the guilt of fading Grief.”

So what of the fourth?

I was happy.


There are no doors in my mind that are now too painful to open; no memories that I need to avoid.

It was a beautiful day – a day of reminiscence and soft smiles.

In the early evening I pottered around my garden and took the photograph below. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

It seemed to fit.


~ by soulmerlin on June 3, 2009.

8 Responses to “Remembering Christina”

  1. Henry, this is beautiful tribute 🙂 You know I can remember reading that post last year and feeling that desolation. I am glad that you feel happy, as of course she is. Sadly, in grief no matter how much we know that they would prefer us to have good thoughts, it doesn’t happen to order…
    Take care – ChrissyX

  2. I am happy for you henry that you have found peace. This is a beautiful post– words as well as the photos.

  3. henry, grief is a human invention that postpones further soul awakening to the reality of energy transition and immortality. As a person grows open to possibility, he shifts consciousness, chooses to celebrate life, the angels and other less visible beings among us always. Miracles happen every moment. One can decide to experience te magnificence of what everyone, everywhere teaches us about love. It is timeless, unwavering, soul-connecting, unconditional, offers glimpes of heaven and reminds you where you are at this moment. You have never left your home.

  4. Dear henry, this is such finely tuned intimacy that it left me “stilled”. Not only is the writing so, but your awareness of your feelings is equally as poignant and intimate. That something so simple, humble and, most of all, real could create such vastness in me is astounding. You really hit on a profound human condition when you wrote: “…and the guilt of fading Grief.” What human being hasn’t felt that at some point? Even if was when they were a child. That one line just BLEW ME AWAY. What a truly find writer you are, truly fine expression of life…no matter what it is..happy, sad, poignant. Thank you for showing us your soul. It’s beautiful. Robin xox

  5. Hello Henry,

    It is never easy to lose loved ones, but your growth through this period speaks of greater learning and finding inner peace, which in the end is what it is all about.

    It is beautiful how you expressed yourself here and the photo is a perfect addition of celebrating life indeed!

  6. How strange that death can be beautiful in its own sad way. To produce such deep emotions and heartfelt words and inspire that positively breath-taking photo.

  7. We may have to grow without their presence, but we still grow. Love and Peace to you Henry xxx

  8. I remember last years post, so moving and emotional to read. I’m happy that your in good spirits this year. Especially that there is no fear to open those memories, and I hope they make you smile.

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